Saturday, August 27, 2016

Just Pick An Antenna For Your Ham Shack Today

 Summer is coming to an end and soon the colder weather will be here. Then it's to cold to put up an antenna. So now is the time to pick a good antenna for the Ham Shack. One of the best or at least the most talked about antenna is the hex beam antenna. It tends to fit is a small space and also performs very well. It can be turned by a lightweight antenna rotor and can be installed on a good push up mast. Now my feeling is it should be on a tower and also use a good rotor. I guess it all depends on your budget and I know how that is.
 Some typical items or gear to have are a shown below:
  1. Good Antenna Analyzer
  2. Good SWR Meter
  3. Ham Radio Transceiver
  4. Legal Limit Amplifier
  5. Heavy Duty Coax Cable
  6. Make sure to have the proper ham radio license
  7. Good Antenna Tuner (Manual or Automatic)
  8. Nice Desktop Microphone
  9. Good Power Supply
  10. Lightning Surge Protection
 Of course there are other items you can add to your Ham Shack. Also make sure to keep your ham radio equipment clean and free of dust. Yes things can overheat and shut down resulting is damage to your expensive gear. Here are some links below where you can you can find equipment for the ham shack.

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Antenna Tuners For the Ham Shack

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