Sunday, July 10, 2016

Vertical Antenna or Beam Antenna Hmmmm

Cushcraft MA5B HF Beam Antenna
 One of the dilemmas we face in our ham radio hobby is whether to put up a vertical antenna or a beam antenna. Well for quite a few of us we may not have the room for a beam antenna or do we. Yes there are some beam antennas out there that do not take up as much space and cover most of the popular ham radio bands. One that comes to mind is the Cushcraft MA5B small size beam antenna. This antenna will cover the 10, 12, 15, 17 and 20 meter hf bands. It also has good ratings on . You don't even need a heavy duty antenna rotor and you could use a metal push up mast. Of course it should be sufficiently guy roped.
 There are a few other small size beam antennas out there on the market that seem to do a good job. One of my favorites is the Cubical Quad Antennas.  So if you are thinking of a beam antenna and don't have the room, check them out. Now if you are thinking vertical antenna you do have a ton of choices. There are some that can be elevated and have no radials. I have read some good and not so good reviews on them. So hams refer to them as nothing more than a dummy load. I have seen comet making one and mfj has come out with one of these vertical antennas. I believe I have also seen jetstream come out with one as well as others through ebay. So check out ebay for all kinds of Ham Antennas.
 My other favorite choices for verticals are hygain, comet, cushcraft, diamond, mfj and dx engineering. Some of these antennas do require a good ground radial system to get them to function properly. There are some like dx engineering, mfj and zero five that make verticals that can be easily tilted over. I myself have one of the dx engineering 43 foot antennas and I plan on putting it up in the future. I also have one of the mfj multiband antennas, but I am not sure where to install it. Plus we are thinking of moving and hopefully I can have some acreage to get all my antennas up. So I would suggest checking out EBAY for some awesome deals on Vertical HF Ham Antennas.
 As usual my best advise is to check out all reviews on any antenna. I would check out and videos on YouTube. There are plenty to choose from and the prices will vary. So have fun and stay safe. Watch out for those power lines.

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