Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Summer Time Equals Thunder Storms - Think Static Protection

 Well summer is almost here and as usual along come the thunder and lightning storms. It's a good idea to give your ham shack and ham radio equipment the protection they need to keep going. In working with computers I have seen some devastating results when a lighting strike hits the cable and power lines. It's cheaper to buy a lightning surge protector, wire and a ground rod, then to replace a $2000 to $10,000 dollar ham radio.
 The best protection is obviously to disconnect your antenna cables when the storms come rolling through. The problem is you may not be at home when this happens. I myself have one of the old style surge protectors on a cb radio, but on my Kenwood TS-2000 I have a mfj static surge protector. It was not too expensive and fairly easy to install.
 The other item I would purchase if you don't is a good surge protector power strip. These are the same as you would use for your computer. It is just another item that can provide some serious protection to your valuable ham radio equipment. As far as brands go I am partial to the surge protectors made by Tripp. I guess I have used these ever since I have had computer equipment. They are one nicely built piece of equipment. If you prefer you can buy one that has the battery back up. That way if the power goes out you won't gone off the air.

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