Saturday, January 9, 2016

Screwdriver Antenna For Your Mobile Ham Radio

 If you got a mobile ham radio for Christmas maybe your thinking about what antenna to get to work with it. So what exactly is a screwdriver antenna ? When I first heard that name I was not sure what it was. I was looking for some sort of a portable antenna I could put up temporarily when I had hurt my back. I was searching through my ham radio catalogs and came across some screwdriver antennas made by ameritron. I was not looking to install it on a vehicle at the time so I kept looking.
 Okay so after awhile of searching on the internet I came across the Super Antenna, which is a manual screwdriver antenna. It had some features of setting it on a small tripod stand and came with some ground radial wires. Another nice feature was that it covered all the bands from 70cm to 80 meters with the use of an additional coil that you attach. At the time I had my technician license so I used it for receive listening on my kenwood ts-2000 . I was very surprised as to what I could hear with it inside my house on the 2nd floor. It is a manual antenna that you loosen a set screw and adjust it to the proper position for the given frequency. If you click on the picture link you can see a newer model and check out all the interesting information.
 Okay so back to using a screwdriver antenna on a vehicle in a mobile situation. Ameritron makes a nice screwdriver antenna as well as tarheel screwdriver antenna. Some of these antennas can handle up to 1500 watts of power. That will surely get you heard out there on the hf bands. The nice thing is that these are motorized antennas so you can remotely adjust them from inside your vehicle. I would suggest going to and check out the excellent reviews on these antennas.

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