Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ham Radio Supplies

 Okay here's a good subject, what exactly are Ham Radio Supplies. Well the supplies are anything associated with your Ham Shack. This can be anything from connectors to supplies for building antenna homebrew projects. So what I would suggest is make a list of what you want to do in the Ham Radio Hobby. Once you have your list think about it for awhile, because you most likely will think of more supplies to add to your list.
 Now that you have your list where do you plan on buying these supplies. The answer to that is almost anywhere. If it's various connectors, cables and antenna wire for example there are numerous websites that sell these kinds of items. Now if you are building an antenna, you may check out local hardware stores like lowes or home depot for things like wire, pvc pipe, screws, nuts and bolts. This list may also include various tools and these are awesome places to find them.
 What about equipment like a swr meter, antenna analyzer or anything for the ham shack. I would say yes , pretty much anything could be considered a supply. Here are a couple of links to some of my websites where you can find different supplies.
  1. Antennas and More
  2. Electronic Tools Etc 
  3. Ham Radios Etc 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ham Radios For Sale

 Christmas time is here and if your like me you may be thinking what ham radio or ham radio equipment should I add to my ham shack. Well for me it comes down to my budget. I have bought ham radios from Ham Radio Outlet and other radios from Universal Radio. These are only two of the many resellers on the internet where you can buy a Ham Radio. Believe me there are many good deals at these websites.
 I had decided to spread myself out and check some other avenues for ham radios and ham radio equipment. The first choice is the ever popular Amazon.com and there are many excellent good deals and prices. As usual my best advise is to look at the reviews and the number of reviews. So if the reviews are good and there are quite a few reviews you know that the ham radio is worth the money. So check out Amazon.com this Christmas and get a awesome present under your Christmas Tree.
 Now the second place I love looking for Ham Radios For Sale is at the ever popular Ebay. The thing with Ebay is that you can find many good used pieces of Ham Radio Equipment. The other excellent feature is that there are also many new ham radios to be found as well as ham radio equipment. Once again I would check the reviews and ratings for the seller. You need to realize always to protect yourself as the buyer.
 If you are looking for Ham Radio Equipment check out a few of my websites below:
  1. http://99webmaster.wixsite.com/the-antenna-farm 
  2. http://99webmaster.wixsite.com/99amateurradio 
  3. http://99webmaster.wixsite.com/mobile-amateur-radio 
  4. http://amateurradiopower.weebly.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html 
  5. http://ham-shortwave-cb.weebly.com/ 
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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Get Your 3 Ham Radio Licenses Today And Start Transmitting Around The World

Transmit Around The World

 You can buy a Ham Radio and listen without a ham radio license. If however you want to transmit on a given band or frequency you will need the proper ham radio license. There are many websites on the internet where you can download study material or download a program to study from. I myself had some older books and also used the material off the internet to do my studying. My honest advise is to purchase the books and the cd program for your computer. If you can go to one of the ham radio classes in your area I would advise that also.
 There are 3 Ham Radio Licenses that you will need to transmit on various bands. I will list them below.
  1. The Technician 
  2. The General
  3. The Extra
 You may find that most Hams only go up to the General License as it provides the opportunity to transmit on most of the high frequency bands such as the 20 meter, 40 meter, 80 meter and 160 meter bands. There are portions that you can not transmit on only if you have the Extra Ham License. I myself have the Technician and the General Licenses. I am thinking about spending the time and going for the Extra Ham Radio License.
 Never try to transmit on any Ham Radio Band without a the proper license. If you do and get caught you could face a nasty fine from the FCC. Si it is best to get the license and enjoy the Ham Radio Hobby. You will be amazed at what a simple basic ham radio and a wire dipole antenna can do. Below are some places at Amazon where you can purchase the proper study material.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Just Pick An Antenna For Your Ham Shack Today

 Summer is coming to an end and soon the colder weather will be here. Then it's to cold to put up an antenna. So now is the time to pick a good antenna for the Ham Shack. One of the best or at least the most talked about antenna is the hex beam antenna. It tends to fit is a small space and also performs very well. It can be turned by a lightweight antenna rotor and can be installed on a good push up mast. Now my feeling is it should be on a tower and also use a good rotor. I guess it all depends on your budget and I know how that is.
 Some typical items or gear to have are a shown below:
  1. Good Antenna Analyzer
  2. Good SWR Meter
  3. Ham Radio Transceiver
  4. Legal Limit Amplifier
  5. Heavy Duty Coax Cable
  6. Make sure to have the proper ham radio license
  7. Good Antenna Tuner (Manual or Automatic)
  8. Nice Desktop Microphone
  9. Good Power Supply
  10. Lightning Surge Protection
 Of course there are other items you can add to your Ham Shack. Also make sure to keep your ham radio equipment clean and free of dust. Yes things can overheat and shut down resulting is damage to your expensive gear. Here are some links below where you can you can find equipment for the ham shack.
  1. http://99webmaster.wixsite.com/bestapplecomputers
  2. http://99webmaster.wixsite.com/the-antenna-farm
  3. http://hamradio24x7.weebly.com/
  4. http://amateurradiopower.weebly.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html
  5. http://99webmaster.wixsite.com/thehamshackshop

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Vertical Antenna or Beam Antenna Hmmmm

Cushcraft MA5B HF Beam Antenna
 One of the dilemmas we face in our ham radio hobby is whether to put up a vertical antenna or a beam antenna. Well for quite a few of us we may not have the room for a beam antenna or do we. Yes there are some beam antennas out there that do not take up as much space and cover most of the popular ham radio bands. One that comes to mind is the Cushcraft MA5B small size beam antenna. This antenna will cover the 10, 12, 15, 17 and 20 meter hf bands. It also has good ratings on eham.net . You don't even need a heavy duty antenna rotor and you could use a metal push up mast. Of course it should be sufficiently guy roped.
 There are a few other small size beam antennas out there on the market that seem to do a good job. One of my favorites is the Cubical Quad Antennas.  So if you are thinking of a beam antenna and don't have the room, check them out. Now if you are thinking vertical antenna you do have a ton of choices. There are some that can be elevated and have no radials. I have read some good and not so good reviews on them. So hams refer to them as nothing more than a dummy load. I have seen comet making one and mfj has come out with one of these vertical antennas. I believe I have also seen jetstream come out with one as well as others through ebay. So check out ebay for all kinds of Ham Antennas.
 My other favorite choices for verticals are hygain, comet, cushcraft, diamond, mfj and dx engineering. Some of these antennas do require a good ground radial system to get them to function properly. There are some like dx engineering, mfj and zero five that make verticals that can be easily tilted over. I myself have one of the dx engineering 43 foot antennas and I plan on putting it up in the future. I also have one of the mfj multiband antennas, but I am not sure where to install it. Plus we are thinking of moving and hopefully I can have some acreage to get all my antennas up. So I would suggest checking out EBAY for some awesome deals on Vertical HF Ham Antennas.
 As usual my best advise is to check out all reviews on any antenna. I would check out eham.net and videos on YouTube. There are plenty to choose from and the prices will vary. So have fun and stay safe. Watch out for those power lines.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

It's Time To Get Your Ham Radio License

 Yes it's summer again, so why not study for your Ham Radio License where it's nice and cool. Yes there are plenty of free websites out there where you can practice studying for your ham radio license. It can be for the Technician, General or Extra License. Now my advise is don't just memorize the questions and answers. No I believe you should actually take the time and learn about ham radio and all that goes with it. You never know when someone may ask you a question about it and will you be able to answer them.
 There are some excellent manuals and books that make it pretty easy to learn. If you are going to go for the extra license I would take the time and learn about electronics and circuitry. You can click on the ad off to the right of the posts at the top and look into learning electronics. Some of my favorite ham manuals are written by ARRL. These manuals will provide an excellent amount of information. If you are looking for some good books for studying I would recommend the Gordon West books. They are written to make it easy to remember and learn.
 If you are looking for excellent study material check out the Amazon ads below.


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Summer Time Equals Thunder Storms - Think Static Protection

 Well summer is almost here and as usual along come the thunder and lightning storms. It's a good idea to give your ham shack and ham radio equipment the protection they need to keep going. In working with computers I have seen some devastating results when a lighting strike hits the cable and power lines. It's cheaper to buy a lightning surge protector, wire and a ground rod, then to replace a $2000 to $10,000 dollar ham radio.
 The best protection is obviously to disconnect your antenna cables when the storms come rolling through. The problem is you may not be at home when this happens. I myself have one of the old style surge protectors on a cb radio, but on my Kenwood TS-2000 I have a mfj static surge protector. It was not too expensive and fairly easy to install.
 The other item I would purchase if you don't is a good surge protector power strip. These are the same as you would use for your computer. It is just another item that can provide some serious protection to your valuable ham radio equipment. As far as brands go I am partial to the surge protectors made by Tripp. I guess I have used these ever since I have had computer equipment. They are one nicely built piece of equipment. If you prefer you can buy one that has the battery back up. That way if the power goes out you won't gone off the air.

Click This Link For Static Protection For Ham Radio Equipment 
Surge Protection For Ham Radio Equipment

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How About A Nice Kenwood Transceiver For The Ham Shack This Year

Click The Picture Above To Check It Out At Amazon
 If you are thinking about a new ham radio this year I would look into one of the Kenwood Ham Radio Transceivers as they are the number one searched ham radio brand this year. I myself am running a Kenwood TS-2000 and it works absolutely flawlessly. The kenwood ts-2000 seems to receive well over all the bands with my multiband dipole antenna up at about 35 feet to the peak. Of course there are plenty of other kenwood ham radios that I would look into. In fact they seem to be getting to look more like the yaesu ham radios with the more boxy look.
 If you are interested in getting a look at some of the Kenwood TS-2000 Ham Radio Transceivers Click Here. There are excellent ham radios in the kenwood brand that do an excellent job. Some of them are bases and others are in the mobile category . You will also find some awesome choices in the Handheld Category. If you are thinking of a kenwood handheld transceiver click the following link 
Kenwood Handheld Transceivers Click Here .
 Now if you see a kenwood ham radio of any model I would check out the reviews at Eham.net . There you can find all sorts of very helpful information. If you look anything up on amazon you can also check out the reviews. So it does not matter if you are looking for something new or used at ebay. Just remember to check out the sellers reviews and percentage rating. The main thing is to be safe and have fun in the ham radio hobby.
 Thank You for stopping by and leave a comment.  

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Build A Tilt Over Tower For Light Weight Antennas

 If you are looking for something not to expensive to mount a light weight antenna on think about a tilt over tower. I built one years a ago to mount a 11 meter vertical antenna on. It actually worked quite well and only crashed because of the cheap cable I used with a boat winch. Unfortunately the fence post was heavy and the cable stretched when I was lowering it. It crashed on the roof and bent the antenna to funny shapes. So if you are thinking of one build it right.

Click on the picture below to learn how to build a tilt over tower properly.


Just remember to check your area for any power lines. Always play it safe.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

How About A Amplifier For Your Ham Shack

Rockwell Collins Amplifier
 There are many excellent Ham Radio Amplifiers to choose from in the new or used category.If you are looking for a used Amplifier I would suggest going to Ebay. There are many excellent deals to choose from. The best advise I can give anyone is to check out the reviews for the seller and check out the sellers percentage rating. My other advise is to thoroughly read all the information about the item you are interested in. Following all these steps may save you from buying a boat anchor. Believe me you would not be the first to be in that unfortunate place.
 On Ebay you will find a wide variety of Vintage Ham Radio Amplifiers. There are the common names such as drake, ameritron and siltronix as well as many other excellent amplifiers. Now there are other amplifiers that are built by someone and may not be approved by the FCC. Another amplifier that is not approved in the United States, but is okay in other places are the RM Italy Amplifiers. I have read some good and not so good reviews on them. They seem to be somewhat fairly priced for people to afford. Just make sure of the power the amplifier puts out and make sure it will function with the ham bands you are planning on transmitting on.
 Another important point to look for when purchasing an amplifier or any Ham Radio Equipment off Ebay is whether or not there is a warranty period or return policy. I have heard of stories when someone bought something and there was a problem with it. Unfortunately there wasn't any warranty or return policy, so the person was stuck with a useless piece of junk. Now you can buy some new items through Ebay, most of the time the item may be used. If you specifically want to buy new equipment I would look at Universal Radio, Ham Radio Outlet or DX Engineering. There are other resellers on the internet with good deals, but remember to check out any reviews before purchasing.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Screwdriver Antenna For Your Mobile Ham Radio

 If you got a mobile ham radio for Christmas maybe your thinking about what antenna to get to work with it. So what exactly is a screwdriver antenna ? When I first heard that name I was not sure what it was. I was looking for some sort of a portable antenna I could put up temporarily when I had hurt my back. I was searching through my ham radio catalogs and came across some screwdriver antennas made by ameritron. I was not looking to install it on a vehicle at the time so I kept looking.
 Okay so after awhile of searching on the internet I came across the Super Antenna, which is a manual screwdriver antenna. It had some features of setting it on a small tripod stand and came with some ground radial wires. Another nice feature was that it covered all the bands from 70cm to 80 meters with the use of an additional coil that you attach. At the time I had my technician license so I used it for receive listening on my kenwood ts-2000 . I was very surprised as to what I could hear with it inside my house on the 2nd floor. It is a manual antenna that you loosen a set screw and adjust it to the proper position for the given frequency. If you click on the picture link you can see a newer model and check out all the interesting information.
 Okay so back to using a screwdriver antenna on a vehicle in a mobile situation. Ameritron makes a nice screwdriver antenna as well as tarheel screwdriver antenna. Some of these antennas can handle up to 1500 watts of power. That will surely get you heard out there on the hf bands. The nice thing is that these are motorized antennas so you can remotely adjust them from inside your vehicle. I would suggest going to eham.net and check out the excellent reviews on these antennas.

Antenna Tuners For the Ham Shack

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