Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Add An Automatic Antenna Tuner To Your Ham Shack For Christmas

 Christmas is only a few weeks away so now is the time to get that Automatic Antenna Tuner for your Ham Shack. The two most popular brands are Mfj and LDG. I myself run the Mfj 993b and it does a nice job. I did replace the cheap push button on/off switch with a toggle switch. Just make sure to ohm out the solder pads to determine which are connected. Otherwise it works very well and I have not had to change the switch since then.
 Now what may determine which Automatic Antenna Tuner is right for you. Well the two determining factors are budget and how much power you are going to run. In my case I just run 100 watts so the mfj 993b will handle 300 watts, so it works for me. There are some that will handle 600 watts and up to 1500 watts. I would check out Eham.net and read the reviews on all the different models. I would buy from Amazon or Ebay for some excellent deals. There are many resellers on the Internet as well.

Antenna Tuners For the Ham Shack

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