Sunday, November 22, 2015

How About A Baofeng Handheld Transceiver For Christmas

 I have recently noticed that the Baofeng Two Way Handheld Transceivers are doing quite well these days. I remember a few years ago they showed up in some of my amateur radio catalogs and they were priced at a good price. Well when I looked at Amazon today I noticed that some had over 1700 reviews and they were at a 4.5 star rating out of 5. That pretty much indicates they are selling very well and customers are very pleased with them. It certainly makes them a worthwhile item to add to any Ham Shack.
 I have seen in the past some hams do some interesting things with a Two Meter Handheld Transceiver. I remember one ham connecting a 4 to 6 element quad antenna made out of pvc pipe. Yes he was getting some excellent results. Usually the average range is about one or two miles. Now if you are using a better antenna and possibly get it higher in the air you may see that change to 5 to 10 miles to hit the repeater. It would be well worth it to carry a Baofeng Handheld Transceiver for an emergency way of communications while out in the field. Just carry a small dipole antenna and string it up in some trees and off you go.
 The nice advantage is that the average Two Meter Antenna is fairly small in size. You will also find that you can easily build all kinds of antennas to experiment with. If you have worked with handheld transceivers and various antennas leave some comments. I am sure we would all love to read them.

Here is some interesting information below.

  • Foscam Digital Tech is the authorized US Baofeng exclusive distributor of the U-5R V2+. Foscam offers US based warranty service out of our office in Houston, TX, (no shipping to China). You must ensure that Foscam Digital Tech is your selected buying option to claim the US warranty.
  • Frequency Range: 136-174 / 400-479.995 MHz. Metallic upgraded, durable housing. English user manual included
  • Upgraded 2014 Bright & easy to read two-color LED display
  • Compatible with UV-5R 3800mah and 3600mah extended batteries. More enhanced construction and features than previous UV-5R and UV-5RA
 I always like to let my readers see what other hams and people are saying, so here is an example of one review from Amazon.

"You would be hard pressed to get a better dual band HT for $62. This radio has international settings, meaning that the entire frequency range from 130-174mhz and from 400-480mhz is open to both TX and RX. This means you do need to be careful as a Ham license only allows you to TX on 2m from 144-148mhz and on 440 from 420-450mhz. The radio is not FCC certified to transmit on any of the Marine VHF, MURS, FRS/GMRS, or business radio or emergency services radio frequencies that lie in these frequency ranges and operating in those frequency ranges with this HT will expose you to FCC action.

You definitely will need the programming cable as the included directions are not enlightening for programming the radio with the keypad. The programming software for the radio is a minimal spreadsheet program. There are better free aftermarket alternatives (there is an active Yahoo group devoted to this radio, there are plenty of Youtube videos, and there is an aftermarket programming package called CHIRP which is a better software program). Make sure that you firmly attach the cable as failure to attach the cable properly will lead to frustration.

The stock antenna is ok if you live under a repeater. For those not living under a repeater an aftermarket antenna is a good upgrade.

For operational purposes the radio transmits and receives quite well and will operate for quite some time on the rechargeable battery that is included with the radio.

For $62 you also have a radio that if it should fall into a lake, get lost or some other calamity strike you can replace it"

So once again if you have an interesting story about an antenna you used with a handheld transceiver by all means leave a comment. If you have an idea leave it as well.

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Study For Your Ham Radio License Today

 The weather is getting cooler so why not stay inside and study for your first or next Ham Radio License . Yes it gets too cool to work on your Ham Antennas so stay inside where it's warm. Once you have studied enough find out where you can go and take the test. I have my General License and it was not all that bad. Not only study and memorize the material, but learn it. That way it will help you when you decide to build an antenna or maybe even repair your Ham Radio. It's better to know what your doing then to be in a situation where you don't know what to do. So thanks for stopping and get that study material today.

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