Saturday, September 12, 2015

HF Mobile Ham Radios

 Here are my 4 picks for my favorite HF Mobile Ham Radios.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

10 Meter Mobile Ham Radios

 There are quite a few different 10 Meter Mobile Ham Radios that seem to do a good job. Some of the popular brands are Yaesu, President Lincoln, Stryker, Galaxy as well as other 10 meter mobile radios. I checked out the reviews and for the most part they were pretty good. If you are interested in a 10 meter mobile radio here is a link you can click on 10 Meter Mobile Ham Radios .
 It seems that most of the 10 meter radios put out about 100 Watts, which is not bad and will drive a mobile amplifier. You can always buy the mobile radio holder and turn it into a base radio. I have seen a few in this class apparently put out about 400 watts . You will also find some good choices for a mobile 10 meter antenna to go with the radio. If you are using it as a base station radio you will find some good base station antennas that will work on the 11 meter band as well as the 10 meter band.
 Just make sure you have the correct ham radio license to transmit on the 10 meter band. I have found that it is not always open, but then you have times when it gets really busy. You can always design your own base antenna such as a moxon antenna or a dipole antenna. There is also the choice of a 10 meter yagi antenna. The nice thing is that the base station antennas for the 10 meter band are not too big.
 So pick a nice 10 meter mobile ham radio and have fun.
                         HERE IS A LINK TO 10 METER HAM RADIOS AT EBAY !!!

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