Sunday, August 9, 2015

Manual Antenna Tuners

 In your Ham Shack you are going to need an ANTENNA TUNER at some point. If you are running low power say about 100 watts you can get away with and antenna tuner that handles  300 watts. Now if you are going to run full legal limit then I would go for an antenna tuner capable of handling 1500 watts. As far as brands or manufacturers go I would look into MFJ, Ameritron and Palstar . You will find that the Palstar Antenna Tuners are a little more expensive, but they are built like a tank. I my self Have a MFJ 949E and it does an excellent job with my multiband dipole antenna at under 100 watts.
  I would recommend an MFJ ANTENNA TUNER when starting your ham shack. The only issue I have is that the knobs could be a little bigger, because they can be rough on the fingers. I was going to try some knobs I have that are slightly larger and have a knurled edge. If you are looking for information and reviews I would check out at . If you are looking into a USED ANTENNA TUNER check out this link to ebay. Just thoroughly check out the seller. I have seen occasions where someone bought a used antenna tuner only to find it was damaged by a lightning strike. Ebay also has new antenna tuners and there are some good deals.
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Antenna Tuners For the Ham Shack

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