Saturday, June 13, 2015

Check That Weather Forecast It's Summer Time

  Yes Summer Time is here and so are the Thunder and Lighting Storms. We have already had a few of them go through in New York. I have been paying attention to the weather around the united states and it has been one wet season so far. So the best thing to do is protect yourself and your Ham Radio Equipment from the bad weather. One way is to use a weather station so you can keep an eye on the current weather forecast. There are plenty of excellent weather forecast stations you can buy and they do vary in price. I have mine that I bought and am going to put it up so I can keep an eye on the weather.
  There are other ways of keeping an eye on the weather coming your way. here are a few ideas below.
  1. NOAA Weather Radio on your Scanner Radio.
  2. Local TV Station for Weather Forecast.
  3. Various Websites on the Internet with live radar.
 Here some weather stations below that you can purchase.

If you are looking for a different weather forecast station click on this link WEATHER STATIONS

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Remember Keep Yourself And You Ham Radio Equipment Safe !!!

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